Nissan QASHQAI 360 European Commercial – Connected to the City

Artist: The Toxic Avenger

Song in Nissan Commercial: Angst: Two

2013 Nissan car commercial featuring a couple driving around in the city, navigating through it at night in a Nissan QASHQAI.

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Nissan Juke Car Commercial – Built To Thrill

Artist: Tony Rocky Horror
Song in Nissan Commercial: Kraken

2012 Nissan Juke car commercial where sky divers build a car during a jump out of an airplane. Eventually the car lands, and motorcycle riders finish building the car, mid-drive.

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Nissan Quest 2011 Errands Commercial

Artist: The Shirelles Song In Commercial: Mama Said More Nissan Commercials Commercial Description 2011 commercial for the Nissan Quest car showing a woman who’s hands are full, things are stacked in her arms ridiculously high above her head. She opens the side door of the Nissan Quest with her toe, then drops everything. Luckily everything […]

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Nissan Leaf Polar Bear Commercial

Artist: Jonathan Elias Song In Commercial: Meltdown This song isn’t available on iTunes. It was composed especially for the Nissan Leaf commercial by the Eliasarts Agency. If this ever changes, and this song is ever released for sale, let us know in the comments. More Nissan Leaf Commercials Nissan Leaf Commercial Description 2011 commercial for […]

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Nissan Juke: Donut Action Commercial 2011

Artist: Richard Wagner Song In Commercial: Ride of the Valkyries More Nissan Juke Commercials Nissan Juke Commercial Description 2011 commercial for the Nissan Juke. A man is driving his car and he receives a call to get donuts on his way to work. He then drives like a maniac, and jumps through a pane of […]

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